VaporTower Vaporizer

VaporTower Vaporizer & Dual Screen Handkit

The VaporTower Vaporizer now more than ever, people are looking for healthy alternatives to smoke and carcinogens. Vaporizing is the largest alternative and the VaporTower Vaporizer is here to lead the charge to a healthier lifestyle.

Whether you are new to vaporizing or a seasoned user looking for a new unit, we will become your vaporizer of choice.

The VaporTower herbal vaporizer uses similar physics as the world-famous Volcano Vaporizer. Utilizing two screens in our exclusive handkit, the materials are suspended between two screens. Allowing for a greater surface area for hot air to flow through, users get more efficient herbal vaporizing experience. The VaporTower’s ceramic heating element features a hollow center, offering a more efficient hot air output.

We’ll proudly put our vaporizer up against any other box style convection vaporizer. You’ll be amazed at the difference.

VaporTower Vaporizer Challenge!

Take the VaporTower Challenge! Stack us up against any other box style vaporizer and see for yourself how a clean, efficient herbal vaporizer should perform. You won’t go back to the old way of utlizing your aromatherapy materials or your old vaporizer.

Stop burning your materials and combusting nearly half of them and start vaporizing them. Your lungs and those around you will thank you.

The VaporTower’s ceramic heating element’s hollow center, offers a more efficient hot air output.

Less Waiting!

Tired of waiting for your current vaporizer to heat up? The VaporTower herbal vaporizer heats up fast and stays hot while you use it. Using a seperate on/off switch, you will find your desired temp setting with the adjustable dial and not have to set it again.

The VaporTower herbal vaporizer is offered exclusively through and comes with an unheard of payment plan (split your purchase up into 3 separate payments instead of paying upfront all at once). Add in our lifetime warranty and you’ll rest assured you’re getting the best value for your money.

Purchase your VaporTower today. We provide two purchasing options:

OPTION 1 Nextgen Model >>> VaporTower Vaporizer Next Gen Model – BUY NOW

OPTION 1 Classic Model  >>> VaporTower Vaporizer Classic Model – BUY NOW

OPTION 2  >>> VaporTower Payment Plan

Proudly designed in the USA!

Your full kit will include:

  • The VaporTower Vaporizer unit
  • VaporTower Handkit, Medical Grade Silicone Tubing & Custom Blown Glass Mouthpiece
  • Stir tool
  • FREE Acrylic Magnetic Grinder

Order today and receive a FREE Magnetic Acrylic Grinder!