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The VaporTower Dual Screen Handkit

vaportower-handkit-apartThe VaporTower Dual Screen Handkit is a new design that originates from the Original Deluxe Hands-Free Handkit for the VaporBox.  The dual screen handkit is backwards compatible with the VaporBox, VaporCannon,VaporDoc and possibly other brands of Vaporizers that offer hands free versions and use a whip (excluding VaporBrothers). The Tower handkit has a Dual Screen system, having a screen fixed in place on both open ends when the handkit is taken apart. What this does it is secures the material between the two screens when the handpiece is closed, and allows the hot air to flow through more surface area of the material, consistently. This helps to vaporize your material evenly throughout and helps save material over other single screen whips.

Watch out for imitation dual screen handkits!  Others try and copy VaporStore’s hand kits and may claim theirs work as well.  Many of these are made of plastic in the chamber.  Ours are completely glass when coming in contact with the material you are vaporizing.  We use only the best quality silicone tubing


vaportower-handkit-handWhen it comes time to clean the dual screen handkit we have made the process very easy.  Simply unscrew the bowl and easily access the screens and be able to clean the bowl and chamber.  Within a minute you can have the handkit back together and ready to vaporize.  If you happen to break any part in this process or any other time we have you covered offering all individual parts for sale.

If you have questions about the dual screen handkit or any other product that VaporStore carries or is related to the VaporTower please contact us.  We pride ourselves in having exceptional customer service and being able to help our customers with any related questions.


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