VaporTower Instructions

VaporTower Vaporizer Instructions

how-to-use-vaportower-vaporizerGetting Started using The VaporTower Vaporizer:

    • Step 1
      Turn on your VaporTower and set the dial. We recomend the 12 o’clock position.
    • Step 2
      Read all of the directions.
    • Step 3
      Carefully unscrew the bowl and set on a solid surface, glass side down.
    • Step 4
      Grind material vigorously for 10 seconds, until completely broken up.
    • Step 5
      Make sure materials in finely ground and pour onto a business card, then fold the card and pour into bowl.
    • Step 6
      Be sure material lis layered evenly over the screen. DO NOT overload.
    • Step 7
      Holding the bowl by the rubber insulation, NOT the glass (which may be hot from previous use), screw the handkit back onto the bowl
    • Step 8
      Gently slide the handkit onto the heater in VaporTower. Vaporizing does not actually begin until the next step.
    • Step9:
      Start with a few short and fast puffs to begin to get a feel for the vapor without taking in too much initially. Experiment with different breath speeds and durations for varied results on your comfort level. For heavy smokers, slightly increase the setting to the 1 o’clock position and wait about 2 minutes for stronger vapor. When vapor stops producing, the material is spent.
    • Step 10
      Conversely, turn the setting down to 10 o’clock if the vapor is too strong. Long, slow and deep breaths produce the best draws/pulls of vapor mist from the VaporTower. When vapor stops producing, the material is spent. The VaporTower can burn material quickly if the heat is too high. Use with caution and experiment slowly with high temperatures until you find the best setting for you.
    • Step 11
      Carefully remove the handkit from the VaporTower after each session. Glass bowl will be extremely hot, so allow time to cool, unscrewing by the rubber insulation only. Discard your spent material and repeat the loading process as needed.

To download a PDF of these instructions, click here

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