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VaporTower Vaporizer Parts – OEM

partslist-vaportower-1At VaporStore the creators of the Vaportower we offer many VaporTower Vaporizer Parts for the Tower.  We always have a great stock to keep your VaporTower running strong for a lifetime of use.  The VaporTower itself has a lifetime warranty but glass is not covered due to accidental breakage.  What do you do?  Most companies and vaporizers do not have supporting parts.

The VaporTower vaporzier comes with several accessories and options parts that are available for the VaporTower Vaporizer.  From the regular sized Bowl to the Party Bowl for when friends are over or you just want to load the bowl less.  With the easy disconnect you can change the screen easily with either.

VaporTower Vaporizer PartsOur Party Bowl, as an upgrade or addition for the VaporTower which is better suited for larger groups.  Load the bowl less.  VaporTower Vaporizer parts offer options!


aroma bowl - vaportower vaporizer partsaroma bowl - vaportower vaporizer partsgreen aroma - vaportower vaporizer parts

The VaporTower Vaporizer is your ultimate aromatherapy device. We offer Aroma Bulbs which will turn your VaporTower Vaporizer into a great diffuser for any size room. Just add your choice of Aromatherapy oils and turn on a medium heat and enjoy the fragrance all day!

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