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VaporTower Vaporizer USAWe feel our VaporTower Vaporizer will stack up with the best of them. Don’t take our word for it. Here is a list of VaporTower Reviews.

“I had pretty much written off box-style vaporizers years ago. I was under the impression that the Volcano was the only one worth buying, but the VaporTower changed everything. It is extremely effective and much more enjoyable to use than the Volcano. The Volcano is great, but filling up bags is a production that I usually don’t want to deal with and the price is ridiculous.”

5 Star Review

“A friend of mine has a well-known brand of box vaporizer that sells for about the same price as the tower, but his leaves part of the herbs burnt and part untouched. The VaporTower vapes the material evenly and its amazing how many puffs a small amount will yield (less material is better). And with a lifetime guarantee? Forgetaboutit! I recommend it over a Volcano on and its silent operation is way less annoying. Just remember to get at least one spare bowl so you can rotate them when it gets too hot. For the best experience, read the directions carefully. I find my ideal dial setting is a bit higher than what most say (1 o-clock), but practice makes perfect!”

5 Star Review
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“The VaporTower receives a little less press than some of the other models we’ve tested, but we found it to be a very functional vaporizer. It’s a direct-inhale unit as opposed to a balloon-style vaporizers, so the technique differs, but you can definitely achieve comparable results with it.”

5 Star Review
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“Look, I can’t say it enough, the VaporTower is great. Its high quality, and its built to last. It even looks kind of cool and retro (if you’re into that). Even better, they are made in the USA, and from what I can tell, they come with a lifetime warranty.”

5 Star Review
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“It is one of the best vaporizer packages available. Of course, product warranty is also part of the package.”

5 Star Review
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